CPR Saved Five-Year-Old Near Drowning Victim

On the evening of Friday, July 25th, a five-year-old Louisiana boy nearly drowned at an apartment complex pool. It is reported that the boy who didn’t have permission to swim, was in the care of an adult family member at the time of the incident. Fortunately, a bystander was able to perform CPR on the young boy and he is expected to fully recover. «Please read here for the full news report».

In the summer months, we hear of these incidents all across the nation far too often. It is important to remember that we cannot take our eyes off of children for even a moment. It only takes one second for them to slip into the water unnoticed. Drowning is SILENT so we cannot rely on our ears to be alerted to a child in danger. Prevention is the first line of defense to lessen the chances of child drownings.

Unfortunately, there are far too many cases where a child slips out of the sight of their caregiver and into a nearby pool. It is important that we know how to properly perform CPR so that we do stand a chance of saving these children.

Now is as good of a time as any to take a CPR class! It only takes a couple of hours to become properly trained and it could save a life. Make the commitment today! We hope that you never need to use the skills we teach you, but it’s far better to know how to respond and never having to rather than not knowing when someone’s life is on the line.

Once summer comes to a close, the reports of pool drownings die down. It’s a good time to remind everyone that children don’t only drown in pools. Children can drown in the smallest, shallowest amount of water like you might find in bathtubs and buckets of water.

Please consider joining one of our CPR classes. We have classes regularly in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Check out our class schedule for a list of classes or contact us if you would like to get a small group of family and friends together and have us teach your group privately in the comfort of your own home.

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