Class Descriptions / Prices

We offer onsite training at your location at a time that is convenient for you. If you’d like to join one of our already scheduled classes, please check our class schedule.

Need CPR & First Aid certification? See our DISCOUNTED combo rate below!

CPR Classes

Basic CPR CertificationThis certification is appropriate for caregivers, childcare providers, teachers, foster parents, law enforcement/security officers, electricians, general public, and non-medical work environments.

This HANDS ON CPR training class, which includes training in Adult, Child and Infant CPR and choking response. We cover early recognition and treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, “Heart Attacks” and strokes. We practice rescue techniques in which other bystanders are present in addition to lone rescuer techniques. This Basic CPR certification class can be tailored to fit your specific work environment and emergency response to potential work hazards.  AED training is available upon request at no additional charge. Classes  meet 2015 national  guidelines. $25 per person

BLS – Healthcare Provider CPR Certification This certification is appropriate for Nurses, Doctors, Respiratory Therapists, Medics, LMT’s, Dental Professionals, and those with a duty to respond.

Includes training on an AED, two person rescue and use of Ambu bags. Certification for Adult, Child, and Infant. BLS class can be tailored to fit your needs. $40 per person

First Aid Classes

Universal First Aid Certification– Includes training in trauma assessment and treating victims suffering from varying degrees of trauma and illness. Covers Adult, Child and Infant techniques. This class can focus on the needs of your specific work environment. $25 per person

CPR & First Aid Classes

Basic CPR / First Aid Combo
This class combines the Basic CPR certification class along with the Universal First Aid Certification class at a reduced rate, 40% off regular price. $30 per person 

Additional Class Offerings

Bloodborne Pathogens – This class prepares you to protect yourself  from  exposure to blood and other potentially infectious material. This course can be taught alone or in addition to CPR & First Aid.  $100 per group*

*Requires class minimum. Call for current pricing.