Compressions Only

The steps for CPR using only chest compressions are as follows:

If you witness and ADULT collapse for no apparant reason

  • Call 911 or have someone call for you.
  • Kneel on either side of the victim and place your hands in the center of their chest and start chest compressions.
  • Press hard and fast in the center of the victim’s chest and continue good quality compressions until help arrives.
  • Remember to press hard and do not be afraid to do so. If you don’t press down hard enough the blood will not circulate and you will not be doing CPR effectively.

We have noticed there seems to be some confusion on what “Hands Only CPR” is and what it is for. First, as stated by the American Heart Association, Hands Only CPR is for bystanders who witness an adult suddenly collapse in an “out of hospital” setting. Also, if you do not have a barrier device and do not wish to give the victim mouth to mouth.

The biggest confusion we find is that people believe that giving breaths is no longer needed in any situation and that they are being taught the “old” way to perform CPR. The American Heart Association states that “conventional” CPR with breaths is still advised for children, infants, drowning victims, drug overdose, and adult victims who are found unconscious and not breathing normally. So rest assured that we at Desert Heart CPR will always bring you the latest most up to date CPR information available.