CPR Steps

CPR with Breaths

  • Always assess the scene and make sure it is safe for you to be with the victim to render aid. If the scene is not safe stay clear and call 911.
  • Assess the victim. Tap and shout. If no response yell for help, instruct someone to call 911 and get an AED.
    (If you find a child or infant unconscious and you are alone you will give five cycles, approximately two minutes, of CPR before calling 911)
  • First check to see if the victim is breathing by leaning over them and looking for good, strong, normal breaths. If you do not detect good, strong, normal breathing within 5 seconds immediately start:

Remember your C,A,B,D’s

  1. Compressions: Place the palm of your hand in the center of the victims chest pressing on the bone. With one hand over the other interlock your fingers so the only part of your hand in contact with the victim is your palm on their chest. Push hard and fast. If you are delivering breaths perform 30 compressions then start the breaths by opening the victims
  2. Airway: open by tilting the vitims head back
  3. Breathing: while still tilting the head, hold the victims nose closed and make a good seal and deliver two breaths. You should be able to see the victims chest rise and fall. Each breath given should last about 1 second. After the second breath is given start immediately resume compressions and repeat the cycle until – EMS arrives and takes over, you see signs of life, the scene becomes unsafe, you become too tired and need someone to take over or someone arrives with and AED.
  4. Defibrilation: Use and AED as soon as it is available.*If practical to do so.