Small Groups

Foster Care Providers • Families • Girl Scouts • Boy Scouts • Childcare Providers

Do you need CPR and First Aid Training for a reason other than work? 
We are happy to come to you and have trained many small groups in their homes or churches. We are able to get you certified in one visit. Whether you need CPR and First Aid Certification for foster care licensing, scouts, babysitting, or if you’re just concerned parents and would like training, we can help. Is your teen babysitting? A great thing for them is to let their customers know that they are trained in CPR and First Aid. The added peace of mind that someone is certified in CPR is always a plus!

If you’d like to find out more information on setting up a private in-home class for your small group, please call us at (480) 292-5947 or fill out the form below.